Doing it the hard way…

Long story short – we like Enscape a lot. and the results that you can get with minimal effort are stunning. Such as this:


That took me 90 seconds including starting up the model in the first place.

However there is a catch – when you are attempting to do really complex stuff you might run into the following error message:


After some research and some investment in the < 600€ range we finally could figure it out:

When rendering the scene with a Radeon M2200 graphics card which ist in this guy the error pops up


So – emergency plan – buy an external GPU and an RX based card…


To add method to the madness – the case was more expensive than the card.. Result, no errors anymore, even in a complex animation with scenes like this…


And just to add insult to injury – this lil’ bugger never crashed in Enscape on the same scene so far… it has a GeForce based card as a secondary display adapter (hint, hint…)


So the Verdict: Enscape + Quadro Cards = not good, Enscape + Radeon RX = no worries, Enscape + GeForce = no worries…

Cudos to Enscape – maybe just add a little warning that Quadro based graphic cards can be problematic…

And that is that for today – life is good…

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