Ladies, Gentlemen, Spuds

Now that we have established references to two great 90’ies albums, lets get into the middle of it – there is something very underrated in Revit and we will walk you through a workflow on that – and the feature is: Massing

Massing – you may think, early design stages, – but lo and behold – massing can be critically helpful at detail design when you need to do complex modelling which – as we all know – Revit is not an easy puppy to work with.

Let me start with this screenshot:


What we see are the complex foundations of a hotel tower that is now on my desk – let’s zoom in:


You see a hole in that massive foundation – now let’s dissect that:

Here is the foundation:


Nothing special – so how did yours truly make the hole – lets turn massing on for this view…


You see the dark grey matter – that is massing… so the result of this post is – you can use massing to virtually cut out any opening out of any Revit element by doing a Join


Magic in a way – and life is good


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