A quick one (while he’s away…)

Task for today – create a wall “Mark” parameter value that is individual for each wall, shows it’s bottom constraint, and dress it up with a “W” prefix.

OK – Dynamo – here we are:


Not necessarily rocket science but still worthwhile to explore – given that it a quick one at the end of a quite long day – so what are we doing here?


We collect all walls and count them and create a string from the count – remember the “Mark” parameter  requires a string….

Further down the drain we do a lot of string manipulation to get an individual number for each wall as a string padded to a “XXX” format


At the same time we extract the “Base Constraint” parameter from all the wall elements and clean up that string to show what we want:


We add the “W_” prefix


And here we go…


Kinda cool for Saturday Night…

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