To IFC or not to IFC – that is the question

Killer finding of the day – ever got frustrated by opening an IFC file in Revit? Look at this:


(Image courtesy of Dutch Steigers BV)

98000 parts, instances of 22 families.

So you attempt to open the file in Revit going the good old File > Open > IFC way




4 Gigabyte – seriously…? And totally unusable. No instances of families whatsoever.

However – try linking the same IFC into an empty Revit project.


All of a sudden a new Revit project file gets created…


Wait a second – 29 Mb instead of 4 Gb… really…

Then you close your dummy project and open that newly created Revit file (courtesy of the IFC > Link process)

Open the file and check if there are instances if families:


Sure – perfect… some little things to know – all Direct Shape Geometry (ultra efficient), families won’t show up in schedules or the Project Browser, Dynamo can fetch them – so instead of a plain old Revit schedule take Dynamo and write to Excel – or even better – XML…

But that will be another story…

Life is good…




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