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…and I am hungry just like a wolf

Welcome spuds to another episode of… nah, let’s get to the core of what I want to show you today and it is basic but still functional and when you are caught in between the too many things that you as well as yours truly are constantly doing – Dynamo to the rescue…

So I got a WhatsApp from my collaborator while on a train telling me that – “We need to reset all Mark values for all walls in a Revit project”

So that is the task and the project looks like this – quite a number of walls…


But the Dynamo graph is very simple:


And life is good…


A quick one (while he’s away…)

Task for today – create a wall “Mark” parameter value that is individual for each wall, shows it’s bottom constraint, and dress it up with a “W” prefix.

OK – Dynamo – here we are:


Not necessarily rocket science but still worthwhile to explore – given that it a quick one at the end of a quite long day – so what are we doing here?


We collect all walls and count them and create a string from the count – remember the “Mark” parameter  requires a string….

Further down the drain we do a lot of string manipulation to get an individual number for each wall as a string padded to a “XXX” format


At the same time we extract the “Base Constraint” parameter from all the wall elements and clean up that string to show what we want:


We add the “W_” prefix


And here we go…


Kinda cool for Saturday Night…

The day my baby gave me a surprize…

OK – here is a link to explain the title. But let me get back to what happened the last week(s). BILT Europe 2018 in Ljubljana.

This was grand – best RTC aka BILT ever. Until the folks stop rebranding the event yours truly will refer to it as “the event”.

Before that we had the BILT EUR Academy going on.


That was fun – young students challenging us procrastinated elderly ones..

More on that to follow soon.. in the meantime – Enscape makes sense to explain clashes to clients like this picture explains

Enscape_2018-10-19-21-35-15Bravissimo to the good folks at Enscape

And life is good

Hell is empty and all the devils are here

BIM is the it – so many things exploding at the same time. My attention – apart of models and complex beam families – was glued today at the work of those folks: OpenDesignAlliance.

With that toolkit we can natively write RVT or RFA shapes – geometry as I understand so far is restricted to DirectShape representations in Revit.

That is the source:


That is what the translator tells me:


So let’s try:Capture



So let’s look at this:


Stay tuned for the outcome…


To IFC or not to IFC – that is the question

Killer finding of the day – ever got frustrated by opening an IFC file in Revit? Look at this:


(Image courtesy of Dutch Steigers BV)

98000 parts, instances of 22 families.

So you attempt to open the file in Revit going the good old File > Open > IFC way




4 Gigabyte – seriously…? And totally unusable. No instances of families whatsoever.

However – try linking the same IFC into an empty Revit project.


All of a sudden a new Revit project file gets created…


Wait a second – 29 Mb instead of 4 Gb… really…

Then you close your dummy project and open that newly created Revit file (courtesy of the IFC > Link process)

Open the file and check if there are instances if families:


Sure – perfect… some little things to know – all Direct Shape Geometry (ultra efficient), families won’t show up in schedules or the Project Browser, Dynamo can fetch them – so instead of a plain old Revit schedule take Dynamo and write to Excel – or even better – XML…

But that will be another story…

Life is good…



Fun Time (ahead)

Dear Followers

Once in a while I accidentally use the wrong material to illustrate new Dynamo development.

So – in order to avoid any further slips using live project data – I’ve prepared several old projects of myself – no further IP related collisions.

Eye-candy below:SimLab_38.png



Life is good…